Aspire Fertility Medical Director

Egg Donation

For women whose fertility is affected by age or decreased ovarian reserve, the best treatment option is IVF using donor eggs. Donors are screened for genetic disease carrier status, infectious disease, and ovarian function to ensure that they have the ability to respond well to stimulation and are not at risk to transmit a genetic or infectious disease.

The majority of donor egg IVF cycles are performed by stimulating the donor as if she were going to do IVF herself. The eggs are recovered and fertilized in the IVF Lab. The embryos are grown and tested as described for IVF. An increasing number of donor egg cycles are done using eggs that have been recovered from donors and frozen, as described above for egg freezing. In this case, there is no need to wait for the donor's evaluation and stimulation.

We work with a number of donor agencies to provide a wide range of options for donor matching. We also work with the American Egg Bank for frozen donor eggs. While most donors are anonymous, is also possible for a relative or friend to serve as a donor.

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