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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing (cryopreservation, EC) is done to preserve today's eggs for future fertility.For EC, we stimulate the ovaries just as for IVF, and recover eggs under ultrasound guidance. The eggs are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen.

Egg freezing was initially offered to patients who were about to have surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer.These treatments can cause premature menopause and reduce post-treatment fertility. Once the cancer is successfully treated, the eggs can be thawed for IVF to create embryos to transfer.

Fertility decreases with age. Egg freezing is something to consider if you are planning to delay trying for pregnancy. If you are not able to become pregnant when you try later, you can use the frozen eggs for IVF.

Approximately 90% of mature eggs survive at thaw. The likelihood of successful embryo formation is the same as for fresh eggs. The chance of pregnancy is relative to the woman's age at the time they were frozen, not when they are thawed.

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