Aspire Fertility Medical Director

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Grunert made it possible for my husband and I to start our family after nearly three years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. He answered my questions with care and concern and made it possible for me to dream of a baby. His staff was kind and considerate and worked with me via phone and email, since I do not live in Houston, TX, anymore. After two failed IVF cycles, our third cycle gave us our first miracle baby - Abigail Nichelle. She is now two years old, and we are pregnant again thanks to Dr. Grunert with our second IVF baby.



The process of fertility treatments can be a stressful and overwhelming period, but Dr. Grunert made my husband and me feel so comfortable and gave us a strong sense of direction with our treatment plan. He was caring and gracious, spending as much time as he needed to answer all the questions we had, leaving us confident in our care. We enjoyed our time at Aspire Fertility Institute Houston, and now have our little Ruby girl! Thanks Dr. Grunert!



Dr. Grunert was the second infertility specialist I reached out to looking for answers to my infertility problem. I felt so lost before meeting Dr. Grunert. He wasted no time figuring out what our problems were and making a plan of action! In fact, I was tested and began a needed medication the day we met! Dr. Grunert, his nurses, and the women at the front desk were there for me every step of the way. I can not begin to explain how grateful I am for all of them.



After my first IVF attempt failed I was ready to give up on having a child of my own. I spoke with the staff at Fertility Specialists of Houston and was referred to Dr. Grunert. I decided to take a chance on another round of IVF. Dr. Grunert made me feel like I was his only patient; I was so impressed that he performed every ultrasound during the IVF process! I knew without a doubt I was in good hands. After the retrieval and transfer I was still filled with so many doubts; but everyone was so encouraging and it ended up working! I am now 18 weeks pregnant with a little girl and I really owe it to Dr. Grunert and his staff. Thank you for everything.


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