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Sperm Donation

Therapeutic donor insemination (TDI), is indicated for couples where the male partner has abnormalities in sperm function or for women who do not have a male partner.

If there are no other significant fertility factors, TDI can be combined with ovulation monitoring or ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination (IUI). If IUI is not successful or unlikely to be successful, IVF can be done with TDI.

Gestational Carrier

For women who cannot carry a pregnancy, in whom pregnancy is contraindicated, or for couple without a female partner, embryos created at IVF can be transferred to gestational carrier (GC) to carry the pregnancy. In this case, the GC does not have a genetic relationship to pregnancy.


There are specifically legal and requirements in Texas for evaluation of the intended parents and the gestational carrier. It is important to address these issues and have a pre-transfer legal agreement in place. A judicial declaration of parentage by the intended parents can be obtained prior to the child's birth. Couples should consult with an attorney knowledgeable in the area of reproductive law.


We would like to help you with the process of egg donation, donor sperm insemination, or embryo transfer to a gestational carrier. Please contact us or make an appointment for a consultation.

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